ARIE - Programmes for Children with Autistic Type Disorders

The main objective of the programme is to provide a structured and stable intervention in an environment designed especially for the effect, that enables the approach to the children with this disorder in a way that obtains the maximum possible benefit from the therapeutic interventions.

The intervention model has been developed on the advice of Dra. Ina Van Berckelaer - Onnes, a world level authority on the topic.

The proposal includes intervention in the following specialities:

• The evaluation, diagnosis, follow-up and management of the comorbility is the responsibilty of a Neurogical doctor with a wide experience in child development and behaviour disorders.

• The Psychology service carries out interventions in behaviour modification, emotional therapy and play therapeutics according to the characteristics of each group of children.

• Speech and communication disturbances that characterize the children with the autistic spectrum disorder are treated by specialists in Speech Therapy applying various methodologies including alternative and augmentative systems of communication, if necessary.

• The specialists in Occupational Therapy intervene to achieve the incorporation of new skills that improve adaptation to the family and social environment, regulate the sensory disturbances  and seek maximum functional independence.

The children are grouped according to their level of functionality, determined by specialized evaluation; the duration of the programme is one year during which they attend 3 times a week, at the end of which is determined their discharge or permanence.