ARIE - Programme to Track and Monitor Premature Babies

The advances made in the last few years in the management of premature babies in Neo-natal Intensive care units has achieved a higher survival rate, but also increased concerns for the possible consequences and quality of life for these children.

To accompany the head paediatrician and the family, ARIE has developed this programme that enables a specialized supervision through the use of a structured chronogram for evaluating development that permits the swift detection of important deviations that warrant therapeutic intervention.

Under the integrated approach of ARIE this programme counts with a team of professionals that constantly interact to offer the best opportunities to our patients, based on the experiences developed through the years.


• Swift identification and prompt treatment of problems in psychomotor development, tone alterations, postural alterations and alterations in sensory regulation.

• Swift identification and treatment of cognitive problems, of behaviour and performance in school, alteration in speech and communication, as well as socializing problems.

• Detecting and treating alterations in the mother-child bond due to difficult experiences during the first weeks of life, which can affect the future development of the baby.