ARIE - Workshop for the Prevention of Postural Alterations

There are currently many children and teenagers that present various postural alterations, primarily school children in which we can observe patterns of incorrect movement and posture. The sedentary fashion of children due to the excessive use of computers, videogames and televisions are the potential causes of inadequate postures, contractures and shortening of muscles, fatigue, future pain and could later develop permanent bone deviations.

The need for preventive measures, such as early evaluation and education for children and teenagers that present these problems, leads us to offer an integral physical posture programme, which enables us to rapidly identify the causes of various postural disorders during the growing period. 

Principal Benefits

• Promoting the care of posture in a social environment where our children usually develop.

• Working on the control of posture, extensibility, muscle strengthening, and at the same time encouraging the active participation of the family to monitor these.

• Looking to stimulate interest in sports and physical activity as a way to gain flexibility and adequate movement and in this way lead a healthier lifestyle.