ARIE - Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapists are qualified and are members of the College of Medical Technologists of Peru. We also have programmes of permanent training in the Treatment of Neuro-development (NDT), and a large part of these are qualified by the American Association of Neuro-development.

This service has as its objective the provision of physiotherapeutic treatments based principally on the focus of Neuro-development treatment, Psychomotricity therapy, Hydrotherapy and other methodologíes orientated towards achieving functional goals in children, always working  as part of a multidisciplinary intervention team.

The service is divided into treatment units:

Motion Re-education
Provides specific  treatment in neuromotor pathologies with important impact in the motion and function development  from congenital or acquired causes, applying advanced physio-therapeutic methodologies, orientated towards achieving the maximum possible functionality that enables a child to be integrated into his environment.

The children with cerebral palsy, Myelomeningocele, Down Syndrome, Dystrophies, Imperfect Osteogenesis are among those treated at this unit..

Early Intervention

Provides intervention schemes designed for children from 0 to 3 years at high risk of showing disturbances in the psychomotor development, seeking to detect in time and intervene the emergence of the disorders in their initial stages of child development or treat an early a pathology of whatever cause already detected in the early stages of life, in order to obtain the maximum possible recuperation, with sustentation in the theory of cerebral plasticity. Premature children, those with antecedents of permanence in the New-born Intensive Care Units and the carriers of Genetic Syndromes are treated by our specialists.


Psychomotricity Therapeutics
Its objective is to provide traetment to pre-school and school age children, improving their level of exploration in space and the recognition of their body as a principal element of their motor development.

The learning processes are helped through Psychomotricity, and aspects of socialization are worked with. Children here are treated for postural disorders, motional awkwardness hypotonics and ligamentary hypermobility amongst others.

Provides a treatment using water as a therapeutic medium, being applied in a variety of diagnoses especially in children with muscular tone and coordination disorders.

The temperature and the hydro-massage facilitate active movement in the water providing the child with experiences and learning in motion as a complement to a therapeutic programme.