ARIE - Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational therapists are qualified professionals and members of the College of Medical Technologists of Peru. We have therapists trained in Focus of Sensory Integration, with courses certified by the University of Southern California, therapists trained in the treatment of Neuro-development  by the American  Association of  Neuro-development and other techniques of intervention.

We work to restore or improve physical, cognitive, functional, sensory and/or motional  skills in the Occupational therapy service , whether it be adapting to the environment and/ or teaching new skills. We use activity as a medium and an end to develop the  maximum degree of functional independence.

The service is divided into different attention units:

Occupational Therapy
We work with aspects of nourishment, dress, hygiene, movement activities, play, measurement for wheelchairs, prescription of   orthetics and  adaptations, movement, abilities and manual skills, pre-writing and writing for able and disabled children.

Sensory-perceptual stimulation - Sensory Integration
Aspects of the processing of sensory information and its disorders are worked with in this unit under the focus of Sensory Integration seeking an improved adaptive response in the patient to the stimulations of the environment.

The most frequently treated  are: Children with poor vision, hearing, tactile type disorders,high risk premature Children, Backwardness in development, Learning problems, Autism and Attention Deficit and  Hyperactity, amongst others.

Readiness for Work
As an important part of the rehabilitation process, various areas of preparation are worked with for work activity such as  to secure independence  in daily life  activities, develop independence in home activities, develop basic work  habits, stimulate self-esteem and social skills, stimulate interpersonal and intrafamiliar relationships, promote and develop vocational activities amongst other aspects that will enable a youth a  successful insertion into his community.