ARIE - Speech and Learning Therapy

Our speech therapists are qualified medical technicians, members of the College of Medical Technicians of Peru or specialists in Communication Disorders. We also have specialists in Learning Problems and Special Education, who have a training programme in the evaluation and application of the methodologies most used in the medium.

This service includes treatment intended to stimulate and promote the development of communication and speech, as well as strengthening the learning of  the child through the application of methodologies of  intervention according  to the needs of each child.

Speech Therapy
Amongst others, this is about mouth movement disorders, difficulties in suction, chewing and swallowing, voice disorders, pronunciation difficulties, expressive  speech and reception-comprehension   problems, verbal fluidity difficulties and semantic-pragmatic problems .

We also work with Alternative and Augmentative Communication Systems (SAAC) in which we provide distinct strategies and aids put at the service of children with many difficulties in oral speech development  to establish communication skills..

Learning Therapy
This has as its objective the making possible of the maximum development of the cognitive skills of children and adolescents for a significant and functional learning ability.

Children with specific learning difficulties such as, reading, writing and calculation disorders are treated as well as attention, concentration memory difficulties. Children and adolescents are also treated who show an intellectual deficit of whatever degree, providing them with different strategies to develop their learning and strengthen their cognitive skills, having as the principal objective their independence and socio-educational integration.
Educational and Adaptive Technology
These resources are a complement to the teaching of speech and learning skills through different educational software, that strengethen the previously taught skills and stimulate the attention of the minor in a playful way.

Adated technology is also used for children with motor disability.