ARIE - Alternative Treatments

The alternative traetments that ARIE offers are activities that can be applied for different needs. These are the responsibility of professionals qualified in the topic and are taken in an optional way according to the own interest of each child or parent.

Hypotherapy or equino-therapy is a discipline that uses a horse as a therapeutic aid. It consists in taking avantage of the three-dimensional movements of the animal to stimulate the muscles and articulations.

Contact with the horse also contributes therapeutic facets to cognitive, communicative and personality levels. The result of this treatment influences totally the improvement of the individual. To make hypotherapy effective it is fundamental that the Therapist has a profound understanding of equitation and the characteristics of the horse.

The horses are specially trained and must meet certain features that make them apt for this task.

The childrenthat could benefit from this therapy are the carriers of Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Myelomeningocele and genetic syndromes amongst others. The equino-therapy is an alternative non-invasive treatment that complements other treatments but never substitutes them.

Music-therapy is the use of music as a therapeutic instrument and complementary way to help to improve or maintain physical, psychological, intellectual or social functioning of persons who have health or educational problems. This is a process of systematic intervention, that through musical experience brings about a positive change in the patient.

It is applied to children with communication and behavioural disorders and with sensory, emotional socializing problems.